Replaced battery but still won’t turn on

I just replaced the battery on my iPhone X. Reconnected everything but the phone still won’t turn on. I have it plugged in to a charger and it won’t turn on. I have the done the hard reset of volume up once volume down once and press and hold power button and nothing. What could be causing it to not turn on?

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Was no power the initial issue? Or it won't power on now that you've replaced the battery?


The screen was cracked and it wouldn’t turn on anymore


Are there any indications of life in the phone, such as being recognized when you plug it into a computer, or vibrating when you flick the ring/silent switch, or perhaps vibrating when you plug it in and/or turn it on?

A dead screen can seem like the phone is dead, but it could be that you just can't see anything.

I take it you haven't replaced the screen yet?


I have replaced the screen already. I did both at the same time. I put it to charge for two hours and it never turned on.


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