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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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What are the functions of each FPC connector for the screen?

On the screen for iPhones 8, SE 2020/22 are two FPC connectors that plug in near to the battery. One is longer than the other. I know that these are for the LCD and backlight, for the digitiser (and 3D touch for iPhone 8) as well as for the home button, but I’m not sure what each connector does and I couldn’t find any schematics online that list them on the motherboard.

If anyone can point me in the right direction or knows these connectors that would be brilliant.


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This might help:

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Looks like that’s for N69 the original SE 2016? I assume they’ll all be roughly similar however.. Am I correct that “Display Connector” is the shorter connector and “Touch B2B” is the longer connector that I’m looking for?

Where the N69 has its own dedicated connector for TouchID, the D79 does not so I wonder whether it piggybacks onto touch or display connectors…

Thank you regardless!

Edit: Quick diagnostic check on my SE 2020 shows that the longer connector is both for the lcd and touchscreen, and the shorter connector I can't tell, but I'm guessing home button and possibly 3D touch? Can't check because my home button doesn't work and SE 2020 has no 3D touch, but there are more pins on that connector than on the smaller one by about 4 that the home button itself clips to... The mystery continues


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