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De Nintendo Switch is een draagbare spelconsole die via een dockingstation op de tv of onderweg kan worden gespeeld. Uitgebracht op 3 maart 2017.

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Switch microsd card replacement not working

About a month ago my V1 switch that I’ve had since late 2018 started to randomly display the following error while playing a game:

“The microSD card has been removed.

The console will now turn off.”

It displayed the error often when playing any game, even though I never took out the card while playing. The time the error occurred varied between each game—for example I could play Minecraft for over 2 hours and the error wouldn’t occur, but the error occurred around 5 or so minutes into playing Sonic Origins. I tried taping the micro sd card into the reader, which sort of helped but didn’t really do much. So I finally decided to order a microSD card reader replacement from the IFixit store to try and replace the reader so I could hopefully use my switch again.

After following the tutorial step by step and replacing the reader, the switch does not even read the micro sd card at all now. I tried switching the new reader out for the old reader just to see if the new reader didn’t work, and now the old reader does not detect the micro sd card at all.

I have tried redoing the process about a dozen times and disassembling the switch further to clean the microSD card socket out, but the card is not read at all even after doing so.

I tried using a different microSD card (it was actually the one I use for my 3d printer, not formatted for the switch) out of curiosity, and when I inserted it, it completely froze the switch and I had to hold the power button for a few seconds to force the console to turn off. I tried it twice and the same thing happened. I found that odd since it couldn’t read my other card but it had an interesting result when I inserted that one.

The microSD card that I use for my switch I believe is working fine, when inserted into my computer it does not disconnect like it does on the switch.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should do, I would be very grateful!

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I'm wondering if maybe the new SD card reader might be having an issue. None of the Nintendo Switch's parts are married, as far as I'm aware. I'd try and contact iFixit's Customer Support, and see if they can get you a replacement SD card reader to see if that maybe solves your issue.

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Looking at the comments on that guide, it looks like a lot of people might have damaged the connector while plugging the SD reader in. Take a close look at your connector and see if any of the pins look at all bent or misshapen. If you find anything, you can try to bend it back, but most likely the connector will have to be replaced

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