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Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Mac Mini Mid 2010 doesn‘t turn on anymore.

Hi everyone,

I bought a Mac Mini (Mid 2010, 4.1) many years ago on eBay and used it for some time as a server.

Recently it didn‘t turn on anymore. After unplugging and plugging the power cord multiple times it turned on once again, until I moved it a little while it was running and it lost power. Looks like a loose contact from the Blackbox view I have.

Now it doesn’t turn on at all anymore. Nothing comes up when I press the power button. So I disassembled it but am quite clueless on how to diagnose it.

Anyone any ideas on how to debug and fix it?

Best regards,


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Sadly, other than re-plugging everything back together in case it was just a dirty r loose connection without a power supply to swap-out as its often the issue. Your next issue is replacing the is replacing the PRAM battery if you tend to leave the system unplugged or have a power strip which kills the power (loose vampire power). The last effort is a good inspection of the logic board for discolored or damaged components.

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Hi Dan, thank you so much for helping me! The Mini was unplugged for a few years now, so I'll replace the PRAM battery and plug everything together and check if it works. Other than that, I am reading into diagnosing power supplies right now and my cousin working in that field might help me later this week analyzing the circuits.

I'll keep this thread updated, once I make some progress.

PS: I a turn the books "How to test almost everything electronic" from Delton T. Horn and "How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic" from Michael Jay Geier for help. Do you have any tips for more material where I could learn diagnosing defect hardware from?


Update: I switched the PRAM battery and reassembled everything to no avail. Still nothing happens when I press the power button short or long.

I might also check next time I disassembled the machine, if the button might be broken.


@manu90643 - you’ll need to pull the logic board out and connect up the power sully so you can test the power rails voltages. Get a good digital multi-meter and snag the schematics and board view drawings which you can find on the internet to help you identify the components and where to measure.

But before going this deep really I space the logic board for damage.


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