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Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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Ipad air 2 screen creases after battery replacement - requesting opini

Looking for some suggestions/advice if this is fixable.

Got an old ipad air 2 (used by my mom, want to fix it for her), which has a bad battery. The battery was replaced previously (about 7 months ago) by a local shop (won't be coming back to them again) and this is how the screen looked after battery replacement (looks like this the whole time):

Block Image

My question is:

- is it possible that the battery the repair shop installed is a bit too thick and that the pressure upon the screen is creating those "creases"

- or is it more probable that they destroyed the screen with too much heat (which I'm guessing would be irreversible).

I'm thinking about buying a new battery and installing it by myself, but I'm not inclined to do so if the screen is irreversibly damaged. If it's irreversible I'm leaning toward buying a new tablet...

Any real world experiences and suggestions would be much appreciated.

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It can look like they didn't clean the place beneath the battery and it is expanding behind the screen due to punctures. A repair would be the easiest and cheapest way to save it if my diagnosis based on the limited information is right.


So there is a possibility that a new battery (with cleaning of all possible glue residue below it) could solve the screen issue?


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This looks to me as though your assessment is most likely correct (regarding the “too thick” battery) but it would help to know what orientation the iPad was in while this photo was taken for more detail. Which direction is the home button?

That being said. This looks like wrinkles in the backlight sheets in the display panel. Yes, probably caused by upward pressure on the display because of a poorly positioned, substandard or swollen battery. Usually this manifests as a spot where colors are more or less saturated, or generally different than other points on the screen.

Modern displays are pale of many layers, including one that assists in evenly dispersing light. Some of these older iPads have more distance between layers. Imagine somebody pushing upwards on a sheet of paper, laid flat—it might wrinkle in a similar way. Backlights are usually consistent of a strip of high powered LEDs along the edge of the display, pointing parallel to the surface of the screen. If the sheet intended to evenly reflect this light is not totally flat, it will generate shadows like this.

TLDR: New battery is worth a go.

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