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AT&T Corded Answering System with speaker phone, audio assist, digital backlit display, and caller ID/call waiting.

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Why ongoing calls hang up when Speaker button pressed?

With our CL4940 during an ongoing call, pressing Speaker and placing the handset in the base hangs up the calll, even though the instructions say this is what to do. Do you see the same issue? Or do you know of any workarounds?

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Hi @bkengland,

Can you make an outgoing call OK when leaving the handset in the base and pressing the Speaker button and then dialing the number?

If you can, what happens when the call is established and you converse through the speaker and you lift the handset, does the call drop out or do you have to press the Speaker button to continue hearing the conversation in the handset earpiece speaker?


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We tried again yesterday by not putting the handset in the base after pressing Speaker, even though the instructions say to do this, and it worked! They should correct toe inctructions, but, last time they did was 2014, so probably not going to happen. At least we have this! ;-)

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