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My remote is damaged and the TV is stuck in HDMI 1 how do I take it ou

The TV is stuck in HDMI 1 and the remote is damaged so how do I get it out so that I can continue using it with a keyboard and mouse

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Hi @home39552,

What is the model number of the TV?


The remote is well but it not powering tv


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Not sure what is meant by a 'damaged' remote. If it means completely smashed ie literally broken and in pieces, then a replacement is the answer.

Important to check if contact-corrosion in the remote's battery compartment is not preventing the unit from powering up.

If it is still intact but not responding to certain presses and the batteries are fresh and making good contact then a common problem is that the conductive surfaces on the rubber keypad are no longer conductive. (You don't mention if all buttons are dead or only some such as input modes.)

A solution to this (and this applies to any remote using a conductive rubber keypad) is to expose the copper printed circuit contacts, clean with methelated spirits/rubbing alcohol and then coat the rubber keypads with conductive paint (available online).

This may be unnecessary advice if already tried, but most TVs have buttons on their sides or sometimes behind a plastic cover plate, that fulfill the remote's functions.

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