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Stylus for the iPad Pro (3rd Generation) featuring gesture controls and magnetic attachment and charging. Launched November 2018. Model A2051.

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Inside golden tip is completely snapped off

The golden tip inside the pencil completely snapped off after I dropped the pencil.
I ordered the new part from AliExpress but i have no idea on how to remove the part that is still in the pencil.

Any idea?

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The repair will not be easy. By the looks of it, you will need to tear it down completely (this is for Gen1, but Gen2 will likely be similar) using complex tools since the Apple Pencils are sealed shut permanently. I am currently on mobile data so I can't watch it, but I have found this video that seems to go into the procedure.

You may need to buy a new plastic body since you might have to cut into it to be able to repair it.

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