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Released September 22, 2017. Model A1864, A1897. Available as GSM or CDMA, 64 or 256 GB Storage Options, and the color options are gold, silver, and space gray.

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Refusing to charge with clean port: phone indicates power received

I have an iPhone 8 Plus that isn’t charging through the cable. There was debris, so I cleaned it out and used an iFixit guide to clean the contacts with a small cotton toothpick and alcohol. However, the phone is not charging.

What’s interesting is that I have jailbroken it in the past and installed the tweak “System Info” which lets me see the true status of the Tristar and battery. Under the info for the Tristar, when the phone is connected to power, it does show that it recognizes power is being fed. However, the status bar doesn’t show the charge symbol, and the battery ends up draining. A screenshot of System Info while power is attached is shown below.

Block Image

Additionally, when the phone is completely dead, the charger is recognized with the screen only showing the large battery symbal and not a connection diagram. When iOS is booted however, the phone refuses charge.

A wireless charger does successfully charge the phone, but I still want a hardwired charging connection as wireless can be unreliable. I have replaced the battery in this phone with an iFixit-branded battery before. I have also tried a hard reset to no avail.

Anything else I can try first instead of buying a new port assembly?

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Charging port seems to be the best immediate solution, it's possible something you did or something that happened environmentally caused it to fail. Because you indicated there were issues before cleaning I would guess it's a failing port due to the debris build-up.

You could also consider a new battery replacement. I've seen instances where a battery won't accept a charge through the port but works wirelessly and it ended up being a defect in the manufacturing. Tristar is the other possibility, but seems you have a good read on that.

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