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Water in and on drip tray

I am trying to repair a (1st gen) Jura Z5 Impressa coffee machine and I hope anyone can help. I've found the online repair guides which have been very helpful but I'm unable to find a fix for my problem. So far I've taken apart the brew group and replaced the rings; I replaced the entire drainage valve. I've also cleaned and partially replaced the outlet valves and decalcified and cleaned the machine using tablets. The machine works and the coffee is fine but I feel that there's a lot of (brown) water in and on the drip tray. Also, I noticed that during decalcifying, no water came out of the outlet but it did make a sound. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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The Z- Impressas are rather sophisticated... Brown water = coffee?! Hmmm. Try using the device without sidepanels (Caution!) or the frontpanel of the drip tray and look, if you can see where it comes from. My first idea is that you should also check the solenoid for the drain valve, if its piston moves freely. This guide helps. My second idea is the ceramic valve.

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Thanks, I really appreciate it. Now I know what else I can try.


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