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Repair guides and service information for Kenmore Dishwashers

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Why doesn't my dishwasher go through its cycle after it fills?

I do not think it matters which cycle I choose or whether I include the sanitizing rinse or drying heat cycles. My dishwasher is beginning to run in an inconsistent manner. I am aware of the handle not latching properly, so check that before each time I run it. After I make my cycle selection and press "Start," my dishwasher will fill for the same amount of time, but then I can hear & watch the timer run down, but I don't actually hear the dishwasher washing the dishes! If I do not stop the cycle, the timer will run down and the machine will drain, but if I notice this, I stop the cycle, drain it, and try again on a different type load, until I find one that works that day!

Any help / advice is appreciated! The only maintenance I am aware I need to do, is to clean out the trap basket in the bottom of it. Thank you!

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Hi @jamiewelch79645

What is the model number of the dishwasher?


Hi @jayeff , thank you so much for asking!

My dishwasher is a very basic Kenmore:

Mod# 665.13222N413

Stock# 13222N

Type# 582-1

Lmk if you also need the Serial#.

Other information on the tag:

1.2 amp motor


120 Volts

8.1(?) Total Amps - I think that is an 8, but the print is pretty small!

Also, I want to make a quick apology ahead of time, as while I am a quick study and pick up things pretty fast, I grew up in an era where it was understood that I would most likely not be required to be self sufficient. So while I am not really mechanically inclined, I am an impressively quick study in home owning maintenance / repair and absolutely love to learn!

Thank goodness for places like this, Youtube videos, and people like yourself who are willing to lend a helping hand to another! Thank you in advance for any help! -J


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Hi @jamiewelch79645

Here's the tech sheet for the dishwasher that may help.

Run the diagnostic tests as described on p.3.

If any error codes are displayed by the tests see p.7→p.9 for the code meaning and possible causes.

If there is a faulty part and it needs replacing, here's a parts list that is useful.

Search through the parts to locate the wanted part and once found, you'll find the manufacturer's part number is listed with the part. Search online for the part number only to find suppliers that suit you best.

If it is an electrical problem¹ in the machine, you may need to have a DMM (supplier example only - they're available from other suppliers as well) and know how to use it safely when testing in areas where lethal AC voltage may be connected. Although initially you can test using the Ohmmeter function of the meter, with the power disconnected from the dishwasher. If you haven't got one and wish to get one, ensure that it has a user manual (or a downloadable one) so you know how to use it in case you already don't know.

¹ You may have to prove whether it is an electrical or a mechanical problem i.e. no power to a part in the machine or the part itself Example only - no heater function so either no power to heater element or faulty heater element.

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Thank you so much!!!


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