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Repair, disassembly, and troubleshooting information for the second-generation Apple Watch SE, released September 2022.

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Sensor Glass broke. What to do?

My Apple Watch SE 2 sensor glass broke. It still charges fine but the heartrate sensor and the wrist detection sensor functions do not work. They do work once every 2-3 months randomly but they stop after a while.

Is there a replacement part for this and is there any guide on how to change it?


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Hey there,

You can replace the sensor glass/charger in this model. To do that you will need to teardown the watch.

Here is video on how to do it:
This video shows process on apple watch se 40mm but 44 is almost exactly the same.

You can try to buy replacement parts from aliexpress or try to hunt some locked/damaged watch on ebay.

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i found a replacement glass from AliExpress and the seller tells me that i only need to remove the broken glass and glue the new one with B7000 glue. No tear down required. There are a lot of pros but a few cons with that but still way better than tearing it down


hmmmmm well if its only glass that is broken in theory it could help but if sensors are "broken" then it may not fix the problem.

I never replaced back glass in this way, it doesnt mean its incorrect way tho, I personally think that its equivalent of ducktape fix.


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