The laptop always goes back to bios even though it has been reinstalle

So, what's the problem? I have replaced the SSD 3 times but there is no change

So, what's the problem? I have replaced the SSD 3 times but there is no change

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Hi @setyobudiwibowo,

What is the model number of the laptop?

Is the SSD shown as being detected in BIOS?

If so is there an operating system e.g. Windows, Linux etc installed on the SSD?


@jayeff the original axioo mybook 14h was self-assembled, it was detected in windows and there was a windows operating system, the problem was that after I reinstalled it, I ran windows for several hours/days, always had a black screen and restarted into the bios after I tried recovery, windows was damaged so it couldn't run Windows and have to reinstall it when I want to run my laptop



What error message do you get when you try to reinstall Windows from a Windows iso on a USB disc inserted into the laptop?


Nothing, I can re install but when I run windows for several hours, it becomes a black screen, sometimes a blue screen, after that it goes back to the BIOS and can't enter Windows, and the message that appears when I recover Windows is damaged



Seems as though the boot files (or boot partiton) may be being corrupted.

As to why this may take a while to resolve as no doubt there will be no clues.

Given that you've replaced the SSD it appears not to be that unless you used the same type/model SSD and for some reason it is not totally compatible this is just guessing at this stage.

Is the latest BIOS version installed?

Also try running a "live" version of Linux for a USB that way you can check if it is related to Windows or not and also you are not permanently installing Linux as it's on the USB

What was the storage before HDD or SSD?

Instead of having to reinstall each time create a full OS system image backup on an external drive. That way at least you can restore it using the image instead of starting from scratch.

Maybe when it is running OK for a while in Windows, regularly check event viewer to see if there are any prominent Critical, Error or warning events logged. They won't be there once it has failed but maybe you can catch something before it fails.

Just some ideas to try and isolate what's happening.


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