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Microsoft's derde generatie Xbox game console, uitgegeven op 22 November 2013.

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E100 error how to daignosis optical drive


I wanted to teach my kids about fixing things so bought an xbox one off of ebay with an e100 error.

The offline update fails at step 2.

I have tried reformating the hardrive off a pc. No luck.

I know this could be related to the optical drive being swapped without also swaping the daughter board. However when i open the xbox the hdd, optical drive and cable all have a manufacture date of feb/march 2015 and the xbox has a date of june 2015. So it seems unlikely it is not the original drive.

Does anyone know if the e100 error could indicate a probelm with the optical drive other then the wrong daughterboard?

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There are 3 segments of an Xbox One boot error code, for example a common E100 may look like this.

E100 00000703 80910002

First one is likely indication of boot/update error, specifically a bad core firmware update.

Second is the step that failed, 703 likely is disc drive, there are other codes pointing to other hardware components but I don’t have documentation.

Third there are speculations of a few 8091x errors, for example 80910002 means the drive is missing, 0006 and 0008 is either lock status bad or authentication fail, usually due to key mismatch.

There could be generic 8007x codes, which are just regular Windows HRESULT codes, usually pointing to a bad file or directory, these are easy fixes that can usually be solved by a new hard drive and a proper offline update.

These are just example codes, I don’t specifically remember which is which.

Also there’s an update log left on the hard drive, you can plug the HDD onto a PC and check, it will tell you IOCTL failed at what step, if it says something about S/N mismatch, it’s very bad.

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My code ends is 0008.

So this does not look good.

Can it be due to component failure stopping the drive from communicating with the board?


Ok so think we found the issue. The console was part of the insider program so only an insider update can fix the error.

Microsoft says the insider needs to unregister the console but there no way to contact the person.

Is the fix as simple as joining the insider program and requesting an offline update?


@jeej13 You store the Xbox for a few months and wait for the official update to go higher than the current version.

80910008 is bad, I suspect the drive was replaced, don't trust eBay used consoles.


I have not totally gave up yet but waiting a few months is one of my plans

I am not sure about the drive. The console was cleaned by not the retailer I purchased from.

Looking at the hdd it has a manufacturer date of 02/15, SATA cables 02/15, dvd drive 03/15 console 06/15.

My thoughts are the odds are low it is the wrong drive but anything possible. I am hoping this is an insider update issue but guess time will tell.


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