How do I stop my Xbox One from being stuck on the green loading screen


I have an Xbox One that hasn't been turned on since 2020 because the power pack wasn't supplying power to the Xbox. After purchasing a new power pack, the Xbox was able to turn on, but when the Xbox did turn on, it was stuck in the green loading screen for about 20 mins. I thought originally it was an issue with a software update being corrupted because it hadn't been turned on in so long.

I first performed a reset by holding the power button down for 10 seconds and unplugging all external devices for 30 seconds. However, when the power cable was plugged back in and started up, it still had the same issue. I then tried the same thing, but booted it up in safe mode because I wanted to attempt a factory reset. However, the both the factory reset where you keep games/content, and the factory reset where everything is deleted led to an E102 error.

I then tried to perform an offline software update. I reformatted my USB to NTFS and loaded $SystemUpdate onto the USB. I then booted again into safe mode and performed an offline software update. It got to around 66% complete with the verification at 100%, but it threw the error E100, which from research shows it's an issue with the software update. This leads me to believe the issue is with the hardware components, more than likely, the HDD. I am comfortable servicing my own Xbox, so I would just like to know if the issue lies with the HDD or if there's another issue I am overlooking. Thanks.

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