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De huidige iPod Touch lijn bevat 6 verschillende generaties.

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My iPod is disabled how do I fix it?

my ipod touch new generation the 4th hasnt been used for about a month now that i just got it, it says disabled for 22 million minutes im trying to fix it on itunes but my ipod was put on a password lock and itunes is telling me to fix my password lock on the itouch before it can log into itunes but it cant because my ipods disabled and i cant even do anything now

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Plug it into the computer with the data cable

Press and hold the home and power button, and it will reset, hold it till it turns off

from there, you will let go of the power button and keep holding the home button only and it will go into recovery mode

Press restore

That will fix the iPod, and restore it off the most current backup you have, if you could back it up prior to this, otherwise start it as a new iPod

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