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How do you connect the iMac to an external display?

Ok i have an Imac G5 Power pc 1.9GHz with isight. when i turn on the computer, the power light comes on but that's it no display and wondering how to find out if it's the board or something else? please help!!

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ok here is the problem when i turn the computer on i get the light and the start up sound, but no display and the the fan goes into hyper drive! what does that mean? can you help me?


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Using the video out port, can connect to a a compatible VGA display using an Apple VGA Display Adapter.

You can also use the video mirroring feature with a television or projector that has S-video or composite video connectors when you use the Apple Video Adapter.

The video output port allows video mirroring. Video mirroring allows you to see the same image that is on the iMac G5's flat-panel display on an external monitor, television or projector.

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