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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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iPhone SE 2020 mic1\nservice bootloop issue

My kids se 2020 started bootlooping after Christmas. The logs show a panic on mic1\nservice being missing. The other post indicate that this may be due to a charging cable but could also be a motherboard issue.

I don’t have expertise in repair. Should I try to take this to a repair place or am I better off replacing this? Are other iPhone like the se3 or regular iPhone have this issue or is the motherboard issue specific to se2?

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The issue for the phone is that it cannot communicate with the sensor called "mic1". That particular sensor is located on the charging port flex cable assembly, so there are electrical signals that start out on the motherboard and travel down that flex cable to the sensor itself.

So when they say it could be a motherboard issue, that's technically correct since part of the signal travels through the motherboard. However, it's actually very rare that the problem is in the motherboard itself; in every case I've seen, it's been either the sensor itself or the charging port assembly has been damaged in some way. Either way, the fix is the same, to replace the lightning port flex assembly.

So yes, it would be well worth your while to replace that part rather than replacing the whole phone. The chances are very good that a new lightning port assembly will fix it right up just like new. You are, of course, free to take it to a repair shop if you want, but iFixit is here with guidance and the parts and tools you need if you want to tackle it yourself.

The SE 2020 is based on the iPhone 8 and shares several components, and one of those is the charging port assembly. So if yours comes in and says it's for an iPhone 8, don't panic; it will work just fine in the SE 2020. Here's the part that iFixit sells; if you're new to repair I'd suggest the Fix Kit version as it comes with all the tools and parts you need to do the job.

iPhone 8 Lightning Connector Assembly

Looking it over, unfortunately it appears the Fix Kit versions are currently out of stock, but you can certainly buy the parts individually as needed. Here's the guide giving you step by step directions on how to replace the lighting port assembly.

iPhone SE 2020 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

I'd say read through the instructions, then you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to tackle. It is somewhat of an involved repair so if it looks like it's out of your comfort zone, by all means locate a repair facility who will do the job.

Finally, to address the last part of your question, no, this particular problem isn't unique to the SE 2020; there are several other models with that same sensor that have failed in the same way, so there's no advantage in changing to a different phone to get away from it. Since it's a microphone sensor, my guess is the failure is due to the seal getting old and allowing either liquid or contaminants in to cause the sensor to fail, which can happen with any phone, really.

So take a look and figure out if you're up to the job. If you get into it and need advice, there are a lot of very smart people on here who are happy to help. I'd be interested in knowing what you decide and how it all turns out, so let us know what happens!

iPhone 8 Lightning Connector Assembly Afbeelding


iPhone 8 Lightning Connector Assembly


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Hi I thank you for your thoughtful post. I read through several articles and it is as you indicated, the issue is mostly the sensor and connector assembly. I decided to have the parts replaced. Unfortunately, the issue seems to happen even more frequently after the fix. I am now thinking that it's now a motherboard issue.


@guenthersi25174 Well crap, that's unfortunate. Yours appears to be one of the very few I've seen where replacing the lightning port assembly didn't fix the problem. Have you checked the connector on the motherboard? That would be the only really straight-forward fix available; otherwise you have to get into board schematics and component testing, all of which takes considerable expertise.


Thanks! I wonder if you have a recommendation for a replacement use iphone. The broken phone was for my daughter. She's old enough now to have a phone but I rather not buy a top of the line phone that might get dropped or stolen. Which of the used iphone model SE 2020 or older (or iphone 11) that is durable enough and easy enough to repair?

I wonder if I get another iphone SE 2020 or is there another model which would be better?


@guenthersi25174 I have two grandchildren with phones and I've told my son and daughter-in-law that unless they're going to have the phones covered on AppleCare, the newest phone they should get is the iPhone X. That's the last phone that didn't have paired parts other than Face ID, so you can replace almost all of the components by yourself, most notably the screen and battery which are the most common. That's what I got for the grandchildren and I've probably replaced like six screens and a couple of batteries, all of which would have been more of a pain on any phone after the X, even including the XR and XS, both of which have paired batteries.

If you don't want to mess with Face ID, then the iPhone 8 with it's Touch ID would be the next one I'd suggest, as the SE2020 and SE2022 both have paired parts.


@guenthersi25174 Of course, you can make use of Apple's self repair program, but the oldest phone supported there is the iPhone 12 and of course you have to buy your parts and rent the tools from Apple so you'll be paying quite a bit more than you would with aftermarket parts.

Speaking of which, the price for OLED screens on the iPhone X has come down dramatically; I am generally paying under $30 for a brand new screen nowadays, so that's another argument in favor of the X.

Oh, and finally, the screen breakage seems to have ceased with my self-defense purchase of a LifeProof case for my granddaughter. She likes the case and hasn't broken a screen since I bought it!

So there are my opinions on the matter; take them for what you paid for them and hopefully I've given you some food for thought.


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