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Repair guides and support for small electric personal space heaters.

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Plastic knob slowly broke and I need to find a replacement.

Where I can I find a knob replacement for this space heater?

What is the specification of the that metal part the plastic knob fit on? Is metric? Is it easy to ask for it at a department store?

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Here is what happened to the knob. It broke over time.

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Here is the company, model, and item number. Is there an easy way to find a manual for this space heater.

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Hi Timothy,

That knob looks like it has a very standard "D" fitting. I'd suggest taking the heater to a hardware store where they'll have a selection of knobs available. It should be easy to find one that will fit; it just has to be smaller in diameter than the opening in the heater. If you're not concerned about actually matching the existing it won't be hard, or I suppose you could just get two matching knobs and replace them both.

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