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Physical game for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, originally released in 2011.

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Why is the inside of the 3ds cartridge sticky?

Both the board and the gray casing are sticky.

Is it possible to clean it or is it broken?

If it is possible to clean, what should I use? I've tried cleaning this cartridge several times but I just opened it for the first time to get a better clean

I'm going to get some 91% rubbing alcohol and I also have electrical contact cleaner.

(Also, this cartridge is from eBay so I don't know what has happened to it 😞)

Update: I got some 91% alcohol and attempted to clean the sticky stuff off. I was able to get a lot off of it but the cartridge still doesn't work. Also these pictures are from before it was cleaned.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Isopropyl Alcohol is what I would use.

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Hi @timbyto,

Try cleaning off the remaining residue as seen in the 2nd image on the left at the bottom.

You could use a small flat blade screwdriver to VERY GENTLY (cannot express it strongly enough) scrape the residue off when the IPA is applied to it.

Do not make the board/tracks too wet as this can cause other problems.

Do little bits at a time and allow to dry or move to another small area.

Without knowing if the residue is conductive or not (but assuming that it is) you would have to ensure that all tracks/connections that are not obviously connected to each other, shouldn't be covered by the residue that may be linking them.

Once totally clean hopefully it will work unless the chip was damaged by having power connected to it with the residue there.


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