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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Is my optical drive starting to fail?

Pretty sure the answer is obvious, but just want to double check before I pursue this repair (assuming I can find parts....)
TL;DR- drive locks up about an hour in to any movie, can't even eject, only fix is unplugging power, but problem will return within minutes. Possibly overheating? The few disk games we play are mostly issue free. Is issue the disk drive, or is it deeper like on the daughter board that must be switched to the replacement drive?

We don't use the disk drive much on our xbox one x, honestly i think Halo MCC is the only disk that actually "lives" in the drive and have never had any issues with this disk. But, this Holiday Season we've started pulling out some old DVDs to watch with our daughter and seems consistently about an hour into watching anything the playback will lock up. The disks are fine and play fine on normal bluray players and the problem is never consistently at the same place, but it's pretty much every movie.

We can still exit the player and use all the other functions on the Xbox, but can't get playback to start again. Rebooting, closing app, nothing works. Further, we can't even eject the disk. The normal "beep" noise happens when you push the button, but no disk eject. The ONLY way I can get things to come back to life is turning the box off and unplugging power for a little bit. Hard reboot (holding power button) doesn't work. After unplugging, I can now eject the disk, but if I try to resume playback, it'll lock up again after a minute or two. Last night I just turned the box off for the night at that point. This morning, everything worked fine without having unplugged power. It's like the drive is overheating?

I remember years ago when Kingdom Hearts 3 first came out, we kept having lots of disk read errors where the drive couldn't even read the disk at all to launch the game and we'd have to keep ejecting and trying again until it worked, and it would randomly stop reading mid-game some times. Ended up just installing the game to the Hard Drive and the issue stopped.

This might all stem from when we first got the xbox, it was in a cabinet that didn't breathe well, so i think it kept getting really hot and might have caused these issues?

It has been completely out of any cabinet, fully exposed for a while now, but the damage might be done?

I had to replace the power supply earlier this year, might be unrelated, but still. I'm not worried about doing this repair (again, if I can find a replacement drive), but trying to see if that's actually the issue or maybe the issue is on the disk drive daughter board that has to be transferred to the replacement drive?

I read a lot of other forum posts where people were saying these xboxes are trash for DVDs because of playback issues like this and to just use a normal bluray player, making this repair kind of a lost cause.....thoughts?

EDIT: i see now that there is a option to buy a full motherboard paired with an optical drive. This would likely be a fix, i'm assuming? However, not only is it out of stock, but at that price point I feel like I might as well just use a regular bluray player until game disks start to have issues...

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@wombler On this console, the drive is paired to the motherboard. You can fix this by swapping boards between the old and new drive, but that sill require some soldering. Do you have experience soldering things?


@andrewsawesome Yes, i have years of circuit board soldering experience. As already stated in my question- DOING the repair is not a concern, it’s whether just replacing the drive will fix the issue, or is the issue deeper like in the motherboard or the daughter board that must be swapped between the drives.

More simply- should I swap just the drive, or find a full set of mother & daughter boards to go with a new disk drive.


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Just buy a laser with spindle motor set, why would you replace the drive paired with the board for a $10 part repair?

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I thought about that, but would that really be the issue if even the player app is locked up and the eject function is what locks up after a while? That makes me believe that there's a bigger issue than just the laser and spindle motor....?


@wombler You find out by ruling out simple issues, like a bad laser.


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