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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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How to change battery

How to change battery

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I wasn't able to find an iFixit-style written guide to show you how to replace the battery, but I did locate a decent YouTube video that shows you how. Basically you need to remove the screen first to be able to get to the screws that hold the rear on the phone, then you can get to the battery after removing the midframe.

Replace the Samsung J7 Prime Battery / How to remove the device Replace the genuine G610 battery - YouTube

You shouldn't have any trouble locating a replacement battery; I'd suggest starting with places like Amazon, eBay and AliExpress.

As you work, take lots of pictures so you can use those to create your own iFixit guide to help out those who come after you with the same problem. It's easy, fun, and will earn the respect of the community.

Create a new Guide - iFixit

Good luck with your repair; let us know how it goes!

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