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Repair information for the SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless headphones. Released in March of 2018. Model number: 61743.

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I received a brand new headset but it won't be turned on

I purchased a brand new Arctis Pro Wireless directly from Opened the box and plugged the transmitter into the PC. The transmitter is working but when I press the power button of the headset, it won't power up. Also, the Bluetooth can not be turned on as well. I checked two batteries with the transmitter and charged them to full but still the same issue.

I also tried to connect the headset directly to the PC with the included USB cable, but the LED of the power will not light and I could hear it keeps connecting and disconnecting (which probably means a bad connection). I do try different USB cables and different PCs but still the same thing.

I submitted a ticket to SS but any comments would be appreciated.

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@stindl these are band new, so it really could be anything. Bad battery, fried logic board, disconnected wires etc. You do not want to look for any of this. Companies love to tell you that since you messed with it, the warranty will be void etc (which is BS but they do it anyway). Continue to hustle Steelseries about this. Do not let up. They all like to weasel out of any warranty claims etc. Stay on them like white on rice.

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I mean what I did was just connect the Headset/Transmitter to the PC and exchange batteries. Plug the battery in and it won't power up. That's it. I didn't say anything else other than that.


@stindl and that is all that you should need to do. If you have a user manual etc. with those headphone, take a peek if there is anything else that needs to be connected or turned on. If you did what needs to be done, it is not yours to fix but their responsibility.


I have checked the manual and I have other SS products like Arctis 7 so basically, I know the problem is not from my operation or something from my side. I just follow their technical guidance to check everything (pretty sure it won't solve any problem). And I will just ask them to initiate an exchange.


@stindl Boom! That's the way to do it!


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