Why is my Wireless transmitter not working when plugged in to my ps4?

I turned on my ps4 after almost 2 years and after I finished all the updates I wanted to play for a Bit, BUT when I connected the wireless transmitter/dongle to the console it flashes once but no more than that and I know it works bc I used to play and I used the headset just by plugging in the transmitter and that was it. It isn't the transmitter or the headset that are broken bc they work just fine on my PC, but when I plug the transmitter in the ps4 it flashes once the white light then it doesn't blink or anything as if it's disconnected. The USB ports all work and like I said the transmitter works just fine on my computer but when I unplug it to then plug it in to the console it doesn't work. When I go to settings and search on input and output audio it doesn't register the dongle or the headset only says the input and output is the TV however if I plug the headset to the controller with the cable it works that's why i'm confused.

Any help or ideas on how to fix it? Is there any fix?

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