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Repair and disassembly information for the second-generation iPhone SE that was announced and released in April of 2020.

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Will I get any warning in settings if I replace the front ear-speak?

I accidentally spilled oil on my iPhone SE 2020 and it stayed all night as the bottle was placed the whole night on it ,till I discovered it the next morning, now i cleaned the phone and ear- speaker vent to my level best , but still had low volume problems, so I cleaned with isopropyl Alchol, after applying Alchol , the speaker started cracking sound and now the ear-speakers are really sounding muffled and cracking, so I have to replace them any how, I was wondering as now apple has serial numbers on everypart which is linked to the logic board and no more just swapping or replacing parts as were earlier, so please someone let me know, thanks in advance!

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I don't think you will have any major issues. After a bit of research, I cannot find anything on Parts Pairing on the SE 2nd generation. Even if the phone does have a few parts that give messages when replaced, the earpiece speaker will most likely not have any messages, as it is not as common of a repair as a Screen or Camera replacement.

Good luck fixing your iPhone!

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Thanks a lot for your answer, I too had arrived to the same conclusion after my research, but your confirmation has added to my confidence.. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply !


You're welcome! I hope you get it fixed!


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