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The Flipper Zero is a versatile multi-tool device designed for hacking, debugging, and experimenting with various electronic gadgets and systems, such as sensors, receivers, and other electronic components.

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Flipper Zero. Stripped the screws a bit. What do I do?

I used a small metal screwdriver when trying to replace the housing shell and I think that it was stripped a little, but not as much. I don’t want to continue to try to unscrew it with the risk of completely stripping it. Any ideas?

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If you are un-screwing, usually the problem is using too big or too small of a screwdriver. Get the size that is big as possible that fits and press in as hard as possible when unscrewing. I don't yet have a flipper, so I can't recommend a screwdriver. ( but plan to buy one soon, such an amazing device)

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