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Plugged my American flatiron in a French outlet so now it won't work

Kenta flat iron dead after I tried to use on a trip to France. Is it fixable?

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Hi Terry,

Is it fixable? Well, yes, in the sense that really, almost everything is fixable. Is it worth it in terms of time and money? Maybe; it depends on your skill level and willingness to get in and take things apart.

Generally when you plug appliances into the wrong voltage you get components that weren't designed to handle that much voltage that burn out. Without knowing anything about your flat iron, I am going to tell you up front that fixing it will almost certainly involve soldering so be prepared to do that or find someone who can.

If you really want to tackle this, we're more than willing to help. First thing we need is to know the brand name and the model number of your flat iron so we can try and locate information on it.

After that, we'll need to figure out how to get it open, then puzzle out exactly what parts got fried when you plugged your 110V appliance into a 220V outlet. Once we have an idea, we'll have to locate replacement parts and do whatever soldering or wiring is needed to swap out the dead parts for good ones.

So get us the model information and if you want, go ahead and post some pictures of the various sides of the flat iron; that way we can get started on figuring out how to open it up.

Adding images to an existing question - iFixit Repair Guide

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Thank you so much, Jerry. I actually can solder but this project is beyond my skill set. I appreciate what this website is doing because there is no "away" as in throw that "away" and we all need to be mindful of that.


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