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Announced on October 16, 2014, identifiable by the model number A1347 and EMC 2840.

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Why is Mac Mini not starting up

When I turn it on I can hear an extremely faint chime, the light goes on, the fan is blowing, but otherwise it seems dead. Nothing on the screen, no keyboard light (USB). I can turn it off by holding the power button for a few seconds.

I just replaced the battery and gave a a bit of a clean, but to no avail. A few years back I replaced the hdd with an ssd and it worked fine since. The problem started when I tried to upgrade to Sonoma using Open Core Legacy Patcher, which I had success with in the past. But this time it never finishes and I am left with this mess. Any suggestions?

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Ouch! Not sure if the patcher is the issue or you have a deeper hardware issue.

Have you tried restarting the system and tried getting in to the onboard diags, or see if Internet recovery responds. If neither do then you have a deeper hardware level issue within the logic board. The patcher does alter the NVRAM you could try disconnecting the CMOS battery (with nothing connected) and then hold the power button for a good 15 secs to fully discharge the logic board to see if that clears things.

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Thanks for your response Dan, much appreciated. Not sure how to follow your first two suggestions as I don’t get anything on the screen. But I did try the CMOS battery suggestion, unfortunately to no avail. Although I had a few unexplained freezes leading up to this, everything seems to point to the patcher, possibly in combination with some existing hardware issue.

So far I have become an expert in taking apart the Mac mini and putting it back together. That’s already worth something 🙂



I tried again what you said but I made no progress. I now decided to use the SSD drive for backups and recycle the rest of it.

Thanks again for your suggestions.


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