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Repair information for the Lenovo 500e Chromebook. Released in 2018. Model number: 81MC0000US.

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Touchscreen works for fingers, but not stylus

Touchscreen works for fingers, but not stylus. I checked for chrome OS updates and it says I'm up to date (118.0.5993.124)

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That may be an issue with the stylus, depending on how it works. For some styluses (stylicies?), they essentially are treated as a finger (think Nintendo DS stylus), but for others, they have electronic guts and stuff (Apple Pencil, etc).

If the stylus is one of the "dumb" ones, then I have no clue what could be going on, but if it's a "smart" stylus, then the issue is likely a hardware one, specifically with either the stylus itself, or whatever component within the Chromebook that the stylus communicates with.

If you're willing to give a bit more information (when did the issue start, have you recently had repairs done for your device, etc.), then it will be much easier for us to help you.

Oh, and also, if the stylus is a "smart" one, is it charged? Have you tried replacing the battery (if that's possible, I know Microsoft Surface styluses use AAAA batteries you can just swap)?

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Appreciate the help. It's not a smart stylus, all plastic, no batteries (to thin for any typically replaceable battery) or charging that I can tell.

I bought this refurbished from amazon a little over 2 months ago. It worked fine and my son used drawing apps on it. He had not used it for a couple of weeks, but tried to draw today and found the stylus wasn't being recognized anymore. I tried two other "dumb" ones, one with soft rubber tip and a hard tip. The hard tip didn't work, but the soft rubber tip replicates a finger touch and that worked.

I checked the OS version and it said it needed and update, but still not working with the updated OS. I read about drivers in device manager being the problem in recognizing fingers, but not pens...but this was for laptops and not chromebooks. So I'm at a loss to do something similar on a chromebook.


@jasonremington Dumb question, but sometimes it's easy to overlook the obvious. Have you added a screen protector lately?


No screen protector. I guess I can try to buy a replacement stylus to ensure the one we have isn't damaged somehow...otherwise, maybe I'll return the chromebook for another one.


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Upvote for @shingle's answer, as I agree completely.

It's also entirely possible that it's a hardware issue depending once again on how the stylus works. On Samsung phones with an S-Pen stylus they actually have two digitizers; one works like a normal digitizer for fingers and the other is specifically for the S-Pen alone so it's possible (happened to me) for the S-Pen digitizer to go out but still be able to use the regular touch screen.

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