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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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Replaced Touch Bar still non functional

Hi there, have used many of the various guides on here to get the Touch Bar replaced on my mbp.

I bought it with a kernel panic “fault” (sleep/wake) and when I installed new OS it seemed to be just fine. Until about a week later, when the Touch Bar appeared to have no power or functionality.

I ordered a new Touch Bar with the extra ribbon section on Amazon, everything appeared to go back well, seated without fuss and no snags to note.

Upon powering up there is still no display or functionality on the new Touch Bar, and rarely do the services appear on the activity monitor etc. have exhausted my kill/reset options and am unsure where to look next.

I did a system diagnostics and the only noteworthy thing I could find was -

“2023-11-02 02:53:47: graphics (/us/local/bin/CADebug -p com. apple.touchbarserver.render -s layers): Req - 0021 State - 0178. Did conditions pass: 0”

Hoping this helps someone give me direction. I’m all for fiddling but not aimlessly.


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UPDATE - For anyone at a complete loss as I was, trying every solution on the internet.

I opened the MacBook back up, unclipped the small Touch Bar cable on the top right of the board and wrapped it in masking tape so it doesn’t touch anything it shouldn’t - and the MacBook works as it should, albeit without a Touch Bar.

Mojave OS reinstalled (with a few strange/abnormal/unexpected restarts), updated to Sonoma, no sleep/wake panics etc. At least I can now continue with work!

Hope this helps.

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