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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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When I push power on button ..that's all

Help loader kenmore elite connect washing machine ...currently the lid is locked and I can't get my clothes out ....all I get is a click when I press the power on button .....I replaced the panel with the same results heard

Any help will be appreciated.....

Update (11/06/23)

the model number of the washing machine is

kenmore elite 796.31522210 i got the lid unlocked /clothes out

got a new panel ... installed it and no illumination of anything

all i get ... like the old/other panel is a "click" when i push the power button ...

i believe if i can get past the "clicking" noise then i can figure out how to get

it to punch out a code or codes to tell me what the problem is ...

but can't i get more than a "click" from a push to the power on button ....

this unit is one of these NEW electronic monsters ...

holding what is wrong with it inside/keeping it a secret

any help .. thanks !!

Update (11/06/23)

ok ... tested fuse on noise filter part #A421

i removed the part and L & N tested good in and out

through the filter .... so the fuse is good .....i guess thats

why i get a click when i push the start button ....

thanks for the help/suggestion ....

any other ideas ? shawn

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Hi @shawnfitzg85284,

What is the model number of the washer?


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Hi @shawnfitzg85284

Here's the service manual for the washer.

With a no power indication check if both? of the fuses in the noise filter (example only to show part) are OK. (The wiring diagram of it on p.39 of the manual shows two fuses but in images of it I can only see one?)

The location of the filter is shown as part #A241in the top cover assembly parts diagram

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Hi @shawnfitzg85284,

Try the troubleshooting mode test as per p.29 then if no good see p.31 and check for the DC and AC voltages mentioned e.g. +5V and +13V & 120VAC

If none there check the mainboard unless this is what you have already replaced??

Be safety aware with the 120V AC


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