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Model A1419 / Late 2012 / 2.9 & 3.2 GHz Core i5 or 3.4 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac13,2

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Dead CPU in a 2012 27" iMac?

I have a late 2012 27" iMac with the Intel i7 3770 CPU that won't boot.

The fan and the HD spin up but no chime and no display, only the first two diagnostic LED's light up I have replaced the PRAM battery and still nothing

Is it a dead CPU? It also wont enter Target Disk mode.

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Its possible the CPU has failed. I would do a deeper inspection of the logic board as you could have a bad capacitor or inductor within the CPU's power logic which is a much simpler and cheaper repair.

Update (10/31/23)

@mrmac35127 - Look at your logic board to find the board number which should start off 820-xxxxx where the last digits are unique to your series.

As an example here’s one iMac board

Block Image

Then search for this number

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I have looked over the board and I don't see anything that looks bad. I also just found a used cpu and nothing has changed. so were should I look for said cap or inductor?


@mrmac35127 - You’ll need to get the schematics & board views and using them trace out the logic.


any ideas where i can find that kind of thing?


@mrmac35127 Sadly we can’t really give exact sources for Apple schematics on this website due to Apple loving to crack down on websites that share them (technically they are illegal to share due to intellectual property rights) and posting such things could harm iFixit or risk the website. You could probably find them yourself if you use the right terms.


ah I see thanks for the help thought


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