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The 8th generation Honda Accord

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After changing the car's battery and also changing the key fob battery

After changing the car's battery and also changing the key fob battery, the car does not start on the first crank. It takes 2-3 cranks or waiting 2-3 minutes then the car starts normally. After the first successful start, the car functions normally. Does the key fob need to be reset and if yes, what is the process?

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The dealership where you bought the car will help or contact the manufacturer for a new code.


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The key FOB has nothing to do with your problem unless it is not responding at all when you push the start button.

However, if that were the case you would not be able to open the door with the FOB either.

If it cranks, the car battery must be good.

If it just make a noise but doesn,t crank the engine, then you have a starter problem. Does it only do it on cold days?

If so, that would be an indication that your started may be hanging up and just needs cleaning. If not, the starter solenoid is bad.

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