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The Fi Collar is a Smart-Collar for dogs. The Fi Collar is 'smart' and will dynamically connect to Wifi Access Points or local Bluetooth beacons, such as your phone or the Fi Charging base, to save energy and maximize battery life. These signals are also leveraged in our escape detection engine.

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Fi Series 2 housing diagram

The plastic bits that are supposed to support the clips on either side of the housing are broken (my dogs like to tussle). I've wired the two ends of the collar to each other to keep it from falling off, but the housing still comes loose (only one side is broken, so it sort of hinges open from the intact side.) I'd like to drill through the housing and wire the collar directly, in place of the clip, Anyone have a diagram of the internals so I can be sure I'm not drilling into anything important?

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Please let me know if you decide to try/ come up with a solution. We've done everything from gorilla glue to buying one of those plastic holders off etsy and nothing is really working.


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I just used a ziptie or cable tie, work like a charm.

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How can you attach a zip tie? There are no holes to put it through. Unless I can drill a hole. I have 2 of these worthless hunks of junk now and would like to be able to use them without having to buy new ones!


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