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Find repair and detailed information for the Bosch B36CD50SN* refrigerator, a standalone model from 2020 with automatic defrost and no built-in features such as an ice maker or dispenser. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern B36CD50SN*.

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My ice maker isn't working & ice box can't be opened

My ice maker stopped working yesterday. I couldn't open the ice box either. I suspect it's frozen into a big block of ice inside even though I used ice everyday. I used hairdryer around the ice box to no avail. Help!

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@newhomeowner - What model fridge do you have?


I found Model: COM2 on the FCC/IC statements. Is that the model name?


@newhomeowner - I don't believe so.


OK, how about this on a label inside the fridge: B36CD50A.


welp, @jayeff You know more about this kind of thing.


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Hi @newhomeowner

B36CD50A is the model number for the refrigerator.

Don't know a lot about Bosch as they're not friendly with releasing service manuals so I can only suggest that you turn off the power to the refrigerator, open the door and let it defrost naturally. Bit rough if you have a lot of food, frozen and fresh, I know

Have plenty of towels handy ;-)

Once free of ice you may have a better chance to find out what's happening with the ice maker e.g. does it fill, freeze, dispense etc

Applying too much heat using a hair dryer etc may damage the ice maker and/or the freezer lining.

It seems that there are two model variants for the refrigerator. If you do find out what the problem is e.g. it may be a faulty ice maker etc here's a link to a parts supplier that may be useful.

It looks like the same parts are used in both model variants. Find the part in the relevant parts diagram and then you'll see the part number for the part. This is the manufacturer's part number. Search online using that number to find suppliers that suit you best.

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