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A version of the vivo S1 Android phone.

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How can I restore my phone data

How can I restore my data

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Can you clarify your situation so we understand what you're trying to do? Do you have a backup and you want to restore it to another phone? Or have you wiped your phone and you want to get all your old information back? Are you trying to restore from the Cloud or from a computer backup?

The more you explain yourself the better we can help. With what you've said so far all we can do is guess at what you want to accomplish, and that's pointless.


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depends on phone manufacturer and model.

parts of your data is stored in a root partition, and without being rooted you cant access it

and rooting a phone might clear the memory and thus nothing will be accessible

one way would be to desolder the "flash" and read it, but if this is encrypted you will be out of luck

there might be a specific software/app that can read rooted info to make a backup of it ie messenger backup or some

other software

this depends if you want to recover all or just some of it.

this sound easier than it is in reality

there are lots of reason that data is stored in a root partition like digital certificates or encryption keys.

i hope this can get some ot it answered.

regards sphinxios

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