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Microsoft's derde generatie Xbox game console, uitgegeven op 22 November 2013.

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Xbox One does not power on with disc drive attached

I attempted to repair my Xbox One’s disc drive, and up until yesterday, it still powered on fine with the broken one. However, it seemingly randomly stopped working whenever the power cable for the drive was attached, and would make a garbled boot chime but would not light up when the power button was pressed. The console works fine with the drive unplugged. I tried using a replacement drive and it still doesn’t work (I did not swap the motherboards but to my knowledge the console should still boot up).

I am aware that this question was asked before however none of the solutions in the thread I found worked.

Update: The console tried to update a couple days ago and now fails to start up (E100 00000703 80910002)

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@turphin34773 Can you provide a link to the thread you found?


@turphin34773 Just confirming, you made sure that all of the cables on the disk drive and console were plugged in with the correct orientation?

You said you didn't swap the board on the disk drive yet?


@andrewsawesome The boards haven’t been swapped yet but it happens with both the drives. All the cables are plugged in the right way as far as I can tell. Video:


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The power cable turned out to be upside down however the connector allows it to be inserted either way. Try reversing the connector if you have this issue.

The update issue was fixed by reinstalling the original drive.

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