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Een USB-kabel (Universal Serial Bus) is een veelgebruikt type kabel dat wordt gebruikt om apparaten zoals computers, smartphones, printers, camera's en andere elektronica aan te sluiten. Het is ontworpen om gegevens en stroom tussen apparaten over te dragen, en wordt ook vaak gebruikt voor het opladen van apparaten.

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Laptop cooling pad, usb fan cable end replacement

I'm trying to fix a laptop cooling pad. The usb end broke off. So I figured, easy fix, found a spare usb end and soldered the wires together. No dice. It's a 2 fan setup, I assume wired in parallel. It's not really designed to be taken apart, so I can't get a good look at the set up. Lable on the pad says it's rated at 5V 0.45A 2.25W. I tried a few power sources, each time I get 5V before connecting the fans, and 2V after. I tried just wiring one, and got the same. Seems like it should have been the simplest fix, but I'm stumped.

Attached is a pic with it just connected to one fan.

Block Image

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nvm :) I tried a few other usb donor cables and on the third one, it worked. So must have been something wrong with the donor usb connector.

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