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The 5th generation 2011 Explorer bore similarity to the Explorer America concept's construction, and includes a unibody structure based on the D4 platform.

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Car horn doesn't work

I replaced the fuse under the hood. I checked the manual to find the horn relay. The manual wasn't any help. Where is it located and what is the horn relay part number?

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Hi @johncollin72869

According to the 2013 Ford Explorer horn wiring diagram (see image below) the horn relay is located in the body control module (BCM) which may be behind (or on the back of) the fuse box in the passenger compartment

Check for voltage on the yellow/red wire at the horn terminal or on terminal 3 of the BCM when the horn button is pressed..

If there is a voltage there, check the earth connection to the horns is OK

If there's no voltage there, check if you hear if the relay operates when you press the horn button or place an earth on terminal 33 of the BCM.

If the horn relay doesn't operate at all as opposed to a wiring problem e.g. horn button to BCM, BCM to horn or horn to earth, you may have to access the BCM and locate the relay and check what markings are on it so that you can find a compatible replacement

Block Image

(click on image).

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