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Why did the black on my phone case go away when I used 100% acetone?

I had some stickers on my phone case so I thought 100% acetone finger nail polish remover would get rid of any sticky residue. It did but it also scraped away the black on my phone case and there is now white marks on my phone case. Why did it happen? Is there a way to get rid of the white streaks?

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Yeah, I'm afraid acetone wasn't a good choice there. Given that it removes fingernail polish, which is a form of paint after all, that should tell you that it would also remove any kind of coating on the phone cover, which is exactly what happened. I'm pretty sure the white streaks are simply what the actual color of the case is and it has a coating of black paint over it that you've now dissolved with the acetone.

For future reference, rubbing alcohol would be a much better choice in your particular case. Acetone, while it's good for cleaning circuit boards, is much too harsh to use on any part where cosmetics is important.

So yeah, assuming you're talking about a case that's meant to protect the phone and not the phone itself, then you've only got a couple of options. You can try to find something to use to repaint it like maybe a Sharpie marking pen or paint specifically made for plastics, but otherwise I'm afraid you're in the market for a new case.

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OMG thank you so much I never thought of that I was super scared that my dad would see and tell at me


@bailey16334 Glad to help, Bailey, but being a dad myself I understand that sometimes kids make mistakes and as mistakes go this wasn't a bad one. You were trying to clean your case and it didn't work out; if it was my kid I'd chalk it up as a learning experience and not consider it a big deal.


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