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This is the fourth generation Honda CR-V.

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I need help PLEAAASSEE! 2007 Honda CR-V Won't Start

So backstory, about 2 months ago I drove my car to an adjoining city about 45-1hr away and stopped at a Family Dollar, i came back and my car wouldn't start at all. Just click and no cranking noises or anything. I had it towed back to the house, installed a brand new starter on the vehicle and the car begun to start again very roughly. I drove it for a week, and on the way back home my car just gradually dies as im driving it. I get it towed back to my house again and since then my car hasn't been able to start again. I replaced the spark plugs, the coils and the fuel pump and recently today i changed my Engine Crank Crankshaft Position Sensor, and i'm not sure what to do next. Attached is the video of what happens when I try to start my car. I hear a clicking sound when i turn my key and then as i try to crank it, it won't crank. I desperately need help!!

Honda CR-V 2007 4WD 2.3L 4cyl

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@have you tried to boost it with another vehicle and see if that makes a difference?


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Ah, the dreaded clicking now I've heard it before and from what I've experienced working on cars it sounds like 1 of 2 issues it's the battery or alternator. Thankfully, it's an easy process to check which one is the culprit. In order to do so, just connect jumper cables from a running vehicle’s battery to yours. After a few moments, try starting your vehicle. Once it’s started, remove the jumper cables, and if your engine stalls, your alternator has probably gone bad. If it continues to run, your battery is likely the culprit, and you should get your battery and charging system tested immediately. Thank you for the video it's helped to narrow down a diagnosis for your vehicle. I hope this helps and you're back on the road soon!

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