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Seventh generation of iPad, released September 25, 2019, available in 32 or 128 GB models. Model Numbers A2200 and A2198.

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What tape should I cover the screen for cracked glass to open it?

I have an iPad 7th Gen I got for my wife a few years ago brand new from apple, it had gotten a small crack near the home button and the it got bit more and more and it’s pretty much cracked top to bottom digitizer only though. However now after it did the update from 16 to the 17 beta it is 100% lifeless and does not respond to any charging cord or brick usb c to lighting nothing, it isn’t in DfU mode or cutting on at all I tried it on and off for 2 days there’s no battery 🪫 icon like the batter is dead nothing. Anyway I need to open it up but I just wanted to ask what do you guys use to cover the screen so that it doesn’t shatter more and to keep the tiny glass particles in. I have used the Gorilla 2” packaging tape the stuff is indestructible and sticks like it hurts to pull off your skin. I just tape the entire thing in strips is there a better product and/or easier way I will be replacing the digitizer if the iPad is not broken beyond it’s worth to repair it. Thank you guys

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I’ve heard it’s likely a chip issue that requires a reball usually which probably means it’s not worth repairing if this is the problem with them now in sept 2023 anyway. But I am still going to look and hope it’s something like a capacitor or something not getting a good connection but I’m not super optimistic. I don’t know why apple wasn’t obligated to offer a replacement due to a manufacturer defect for whatever causes the chip to need a rebelling I’m guessing the solder they used and it’s cracking due heat cycles like something else was maybe the ps 3’s or a gpu on something else I can’t remember.


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I've had to replace a lot of broken screens for the family and honestly I've never found the need for anything other than the standard packing tape you get at any department store. It's really not critical; any of them will stick well enough to allow you to pull the screen up with a suction cup; you're really just trying to keep it in one piece so you're not picking up pieces of glass everywhere.

The short story is, don't overthink it; just use what you have on hand. Pretty much any clear packing tape will do the job.

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Thanks that’s what I’ve done in the past, I just wondered if there was a product they sell to do it on here, I probably would use tape reguardless, but I was just curious if something like that existed and learning about it. it’s the adhd man, also I just enjoy learning new things.


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Usually, you can not use anything on the glass in terms of tape, since to separate the Glass from the housing, you have to apply heat.

Provided you looked at the process and have the plastic tools and the suction one you should not shutter the glass (with patience) while you are heating the outline and applying slight pressure (the suction tool, pulls on the screen) as you have more separation of the glass from the case, you have to add spacers closer to where the screen is still while making sure the places where you already separate do not get reattached, however slightly.

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Thank you for the information it was very well written, however the digitizer is already shattered and it is crumbling on the edges some. I need some kind of tape to hold it together just long enough to get it off without a huge mess or it just cracking and breaking off .


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