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How to replace screen/digitizer for ulefone power armor 16 pro

So I've been fixing my phones for some time, and even replaced my screen on the ulefone armor x10. But the power armor 16 pro I can't get past the 7 screws that hold the button plates on the side. I really don't want to be prying things apart and totally screw things up, but there's nothing that I can find to open up my phone. I think it may be removing the screen but don't want to mess up the seal to make it water proof. Any chance someone here knows how and can help. Thanks.

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Any luck getting the power armor 16 pro open, I have to replace the screen and can't find an obvious way to take it apart?

Please let me know.

Joe Barkovich


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Hey, so it turned out it was one of the easiest screen replacements I had ever done actually. Mainly I heated up the front screen and worked a thin guitar pick under the screen like any other phone. Now be careful here the ribbon is connected to the motherboard and held in place by a small strip of metal. And you'll also see a full metal sheet holding and covering the whole insides. So just un screw the 2 screws holding the metal piece to the ribbon and disconnect. That's it. Obviously reverse the steps and what not and you've replaced the screen for the ulefone power armor 16 pro.

And I believe it's pretty much the same for all Ulefone armor and power armor models. But I'm not a 100% tho. So good luck on the repair.

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Good afternoon,

To me this sounds like you know what you are doing and just need some help. That always makes our lives a lot easier :)

What i'm going to guess is that it's just super tightly sealed. What my recommendation is is to try and pry the side off to see if it will budge (of course, remove all visible screws first). The reason i mention this is that this phone would likely use clips to hold the back panel on, otherwise if adhesive was used it would never come apart. Failing that, the good old heating the back panel might work. Otherwise, heat the front screen, BEING CAREFUL not to poke at the display otherwise it's game over.

Good luck :)

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Thanks For answering my question Nick, but it's a bit more than regular phones. If I could post a pic of it, it would be a lot easier to explain. I think it's like my armor x10 I had, where the whole back piece of the phone was pretty much the thickness of it. So I'm going to attempt going thru the screen way. I just hope I can keep it all tight to stay water proof. Anyways you have a good afternoon as well, and if your interested check out the phone and you'll get a clearer picture of my problem.


How did you get the X10 apart?


Yes, I'd like to know that too. I have to change the charging port on the armor 16 pro. Is it similar to opening the X10? How hard was that?


@wwwnutzer The x10 was the same as the 16 pro. You just need to heat the front screen to get inside. Then there's a small piece of metal holding the ribbon cable down with 2 screws. That would be it. And I think most Ulefone's power armor type are all the same way.


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