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2018 refresh of the Apple Mac mini. Processor options include 3.6 GHz quad-core Intel Core i3, 3.0 GHz 6-core Intel Core i5, and 3.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7 processors.

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No signs of life

Hello all, I purchased a faulty Mac mini and am currently working on a diagnosis and just had a few questions. Firstly, if the ram is faulty would the machine show a white light and beep like previous models of Mac mini. Also, is there a way to know for sure if it’s a logic board or a power supply?

Thank all :)

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I left it plugged in for a while and came back to a flashing white light on the front in the following sequence: 3 short pulses, 3 long pulses, 3 short pulses


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As far as I am aware these machines do beep with faulty RAM. Though I admittedly don’t have personal experience with these specific power supplies or logic boards I think it should be possible to test the voltage if you can find a pin out and test the PSU with a multimeter.

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To add to what @thequacker Here's the Tone codes (Beep) If your Mac beeps during startup and heres the White LED code Mac mini power LED indicates the computer's status


Thanks for this, I have attempted to plug it into another mac using a usb-c to usb-c cable however it immediately appears to lose power. Would this point toward a faulty power supply? Thanks


@owenmason87347 - I would start there!


Hi, sorry for the delay was waiting for the part. I have now fitted a new power supply. It is no longer immediately losing power but will only show a blinking white light (in sos pattern) and will not show up in apple configurator when plugged in. Could this be a firmware issue? Thanks :)


@owenmason87347 - Apple Configurator is only useful in T2 based and M Series systems. So that won’t help you in this Mac Mini system.

Let’s give this a try remove the RAM and disconnect the drive and try to start the system again did that work?


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