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Model A1989, EMC 3358. A refresh of the existing design, with updated processor options and a change to the keyboard materials. Available in Silver and Space Gray. Released in May 2019.

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[Urgent] MacBook Pro 13" 2019 (A1989) not powering on!?

I left my macbook on charge after putting it to sleep. Later when I'm trying on turn it on, it's simply refusing to turn on. There are just no signs of life.

First I checked the charger and cable, they're all good and are able to charge other devices very well. Also, I am measuring the current drawn by the charger and it is not consuming any power when plugged into macbook, it just sits idle no matter how long it's plugged in.

Next I tried SMC resetting several times for T2 chip macbooks as mentioned on Apple's website, but that absolutely did nothing.

Finally I opened up the back cover and found that the battery is swollen (I am sure it has been swollen since a long time before this issue happened because the lid wasn't closing neatly but did after I open the back cover), still I just unplugged both battery power connector and logic connector between battery board and motherboard and left it for 5 minutes and put everything back together, no signs of turning on. Again tried SMC reset and everything but no signs of life.

I need to bring it to life ASAP, would really appreciate help of some experts in this community.

UPDATE : Got the MacBook back today. As guessed by Dan, the charging logic was at fault, and there was a lot of rust in that area on the back side of logic board. Altogether the local mac tech charged me USD 127 for the repair. BTW, he also punctured the battery really neatly and sealed it.

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Did you try powering it on without the battery connected? Especially with battery swelling, I would want to be sure the battery isn't the cause of your problem.


@flannelist Does it turn on without battery ? As I read somewhere that they refuse to power on without battery. Also can it be turned on w/o the back plate installted ?


@vishalroygeek The 13" ones usually do just fine with no battery. the 15" 2019 MacBook Pro I would expect to not power on without a battery connected. But I usually don't have issues with the 13". I would still give it a go. It should still give you a battery icon on the screen if it wants the battery to be connected to power on.


@flannelist - If there is no load (amperage) measured at the USB-C connection. Disconnecting the battery won’t alter things here. Chech out Louis Rossmanns video on this 2019 no power



It's a charging issue. I think we've all gathered that.

However, there are many possibilities as to what happened. i'll list a few and those more experienced than me can comment on if any seem likely:

1) SSD failure. Louis rossmann highlighted this issue a lot, especially on the 2019's. This is where 12v goes through your ssd and poof. These are what hold the system so they might've gone bust and boom your macbook is gone with it

2) Charging controller failure. Rossmann also likes to mention CD3215's on macbooks. These can just randomly fail as a result of wear. I've personally never had this kind of failure however it is possible, but i couldn't tell you why.

3) CPU failure. Having this means your CPU got 12v and went KAPOOF. This would be a reason your macbook wouldn't turn on however, with it charging overnight, it shouldn't happen unless it's doing something it shouldn't

4) Thunderbolt ports. This would be best case scenario. This would be that your TBT ports have failed and just need replacement :).


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Ouch! Not good😖

If the system is not offering a load that tells me the charging logic on the logic board has problems. This series had issues so it wouldn’t surprise me if that is what you are facing.

Time to find a good independent Mac tech with logic board repair skills to fix it or get to an Apple Store to have them replace the logic board. Sadly they will not recover your data so you will loose anything not backed up.

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I am using this mac with a monitor all the time and never unplug it. So is it necessary to get a new battery also (once the board is repaired), or can it run as it was w/o battery ?


@vishalroygeek - Using this system more as a desktop with an external display shouldn't be an issue. But, the outlets the system and the display are using need to be sharing the same power connection. Sometimes a mis-wired outlet or using two different power feeds can create issues with live ground or cross-wired Hot & Neutral which could effect things.

I always recommend using a good surge suppressor or better a UPS system.

It still comes down to damage within the logic board.


Thanks Dan. I went to a local mac tech yeaterday. They should be responding with the diagnostic and repair cost by today.


Got the MacBook back today. As guessed, the charging logic was at fault, and there was a lot of rust in that area on the back side of logic board. Altogether the local mac tech charged me USD 127 for the repair. BTW, he also punctured the battery really neatly and sealed it.


@vishalroygeek - Happy it worked out! Do be careful, even a small cut in the outer battery skin can rupture prematurely as it ages.


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