Problem with oven temperature regulation

I have a Samsung Stove (NE59K3321SS/AC) with a weird oven temperature issue. I got this second hand and the cooktop works as expected, but when I use the oven it won't maintain a consistent temperature.

I'll set it to something like 350F, then when it beeps I'll open the door, put something in, then close the door. The display will still indicate that the temperature is 350F, but the temperature inside the oven will slowly decrease. It sounds like the relays for the elements are clicking away and I can hear the convection fan turning on and off, but the temperature goes down (I checked this with a separate oven thermometer that I bought at a local hardware store). If I wait about 5 minutes and turn the oven off and back on again it will indicate that the temperature is something like 300F and bring it back up to 350F, but after that it will do the same thing again. Sometimes it will go way over temperature too (sometimes 25-40F over), but that's less common.

I had a repairman out to look at the stove but he wasn't sure what the issue was and thought it might be the main control board for the oven. I ordered a replacement off reliable parts and put it in just today, but the same problem happened. The repair guy said that it probably wasn't the temperature sensor because they either work or they don't, but at this point I have no idea if he knows what he's talking about. I also had it happen today that the separate thermometer said the oven was at 375F and when I turned the oven off and on again the oven said it was at 325F and heated up until it thought it was at 350F when the separate thermometer read 400F.

Does anyone know what's going on? Any help is appreciated.

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The repair guy can't be a repair guy if he doesn't know what's wrong. Diy repairs can be easy or difficult depending on one's knowledge of how appliances operate. However, sometimes youtube shows people with expertise willing to share their knowledge. The difficulty is determining who's an expert and who's shilling products with zero helpful advice. Some represent name brands and can be trusted for information since disinformation can lead to complaints and ultimately forbidding a person from misrepresenting a brand with incorrect info to outright banning from YouTube.


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