Black ash all in my oven/low temps

Good evening everyone,

I was just using my oven when i found it would only get to about 100C (I set the temp to 200C) and that after I opened it, i found black ash all over the food in it. From what i could tell the oven may have had some kind of heating element fault but I'm not sure.

The brand is smeg and we've used this oven for about a year now however it has likely seen about 5 years of use to this date total.

Anyone know what's up with this thing? Also I can find other info if need be.

Update 5/9/23:

Serial number: 0612 0715 0

APP N19803

Hope that helps :)

Block Image

Here's the sticker, the left third is completely gone

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Hi @np_f1_2021,

What is the model number of the oven?


Hi @jayeff,

Apologies for the delay, I’ll update my original post today. However, would you have any possible diagnoses/solutions based on the info above or would you need the model number first?



I don't know where the oven element is located but if it is above the food, it may be disintegrating therefore the ash falling down or if the oven is getting too hot then the oven walls may be giving off.

Have you checked what is looks like inside the oven?


@jayeff i just opened up the oven and black ash is all over everything.

I just put the serial number and model number (hopefully but i can't tell) up



What you posted doesn't show up here at all.

Is it a combo microwave/convection oven or just a straight convection oven?

Not trying to insinuate anything but when was the last time the oven was cleaned? ;-)

Build up of cooking vapors, fat splatter etc over time can be a problem if they become too thick a coating on the walls etc and may begin to burn and flake off. Just a thought


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