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Noob question about Charging Board on an Android phone.

Hi guys, I am new to this and trying to fix charging problem on my old asus phone.

Just wondering what's the difference between a Charging Board with IC (Integrated Circuit??) and one without it?

Here is the link to what am I talking about:

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To be honest always go for the one with the ic. Even though these boards are small it's really easy to swap out the charge port just using a soldering iron as long as you have different size solder tips and a little knowledge of soldering. Swapping out the whole board is quicker, just depends how far you want to get into it.

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Thanks man. I will replace the USB port.

Just one last question: When buying a micro-usb port, do I have to look for specific one or anyone will work?


You have to get a port that matches the circuit board footprint; in this case it looks like a mixed surface mount / through hole part with four large through hole mounting/ground pads and five surface mount pads for the pins. Also note that the port sits in a cutout in the board so it's halfway on the top side of the board and halfway on the bottom side.

I would start out by searching for a charging port / USB port that's being sold specifically for your phone, but if you can't find one you would then need to measure the size of the pads and their spacing then go online to places like or and try and find a micro USB port that has that same footprint. Be warned that it's quite likely you'll have to look at literally hundreds of parts to find one that will match.

Given that the board you found is under $7 USD, personally I wouldn't bother messing around with trying to find a replacement port, but hey, it's entirely up to you.



Thank you so much for helping me out man. Really appreciate it.

I will do as you advised.


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Hi Kam,

I'm with you, it's not clear why the manufacturer is selling the board "without IC". The closest analogy I can come up with is that you can buy an iPhone screen without the touch module IC specifically so you can transfer the IC from the original screen to the replacement. But I have zero information that says anything from your original charging board needs to be saved and used on a replacement.

To be honest, if it was me I'd buy the one with the IC and hold on to the original just in case. But buying the one without the IC means there's something on the board that's not going to work so I wouldn't go there personally.

I'd be curious to hear how this all turns out, so let us know what you decide and what happens with it.

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Hi Jerry, really appreciate your help.

I think for now, I will just try replacing the Micro USB port and see if it solves the issue.

After that, I might tinker around with the circuit board. Probably will go for one with the IC.


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