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Model A1990 / EMC 3359. Released in May 2019 with new 6-core and 8-core processor options.

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MacBook Pro not turning on

This morning, I was running MATLAB on my Macbook Pro, and then the screen froze for about 5-10 seconds then proceeded to go black. Afterwards, I could not power on my MacBook.

I opened it up and saw that the battery still worked and some portions of the logic board were warm (after about 2 hours). However, no matter how many times I pressed the power button, the fans would not spin nor would any lights turn on. I watched one  of Louis Rossmann's videos and tried to diagnose the issue, but the PPbus to SSD didn't seem to have an absurdly low resistance.

I do not recall spilling liquid or dropping it, so I assume that the SSD was fried, but realized that may not be the case.

May I get some professional diagnostic before I go ahead and recycle the laptop?

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Sorry, there’s little we can offer remotely here. All we can offer is guidance in you repairing your system.

Deeper issues like you appear to have requires tracing out the logic. Here a good inspection of both sides of the logic board looking for damaged components as well as checking the power rails.

You’ll need access a set of schematics and board view drawings. Micro-soldering tools and skills.

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