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The Casio CTK-3000 has 61 keys (5 octaves), about 400 instruments, and a built-in metronome.

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The keyboard stopped working. It doesn't switch on.

My keyboard doesn't switch on and there is nothing on the display.

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I have a casio CTK520L and I face same problem as above

My keyboard doesn't switch on and there is nothing on the display.

I checked it with another adapter but it doesn't work. Even i also checked with batteries but it's not working.

Can you help me ?


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Hi @domnicjoseph,

Have you proved that there's 9V DC on the output plug of the power adapter?

Can you try another known working compatible 9V adapter and check if the keyboard works?

If you can't test the adapter or you don't have access to another compatible power adapter, try inserting 6 x AA batteries into the battery compartment of the keyboard and check if it works

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Hi Jayeff,

Thanks a ton.

It works with the batteries. I guess the adapter has to be replaced.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Do you have any Instagram id so that I can follow you.


Domnic Joseph



It may not be the adapter that is the problem.

Best way to know if it is OK or not is by using a DMM (digital multimeter) to test it.

If you don't have a DMM and if a replacement compatible adapter also doesn't work it could be a faulty DC-In jack where the adapter plugs into on the keyboard.

I'm not on Instagram but if you wish to contact me on ifixit just link my user ID as shown under my avatar on this page, in any question, answer or comment and I will be notified


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